Who We Are

At WET Solutions, Inc., we believe that delivering exceptional service to our customers is not just a goal, but a way of life. We are a highly trained and accredited team that works together to deliver a comprehensive catalog of services to meet any water treatment need. Each of our representatives functions in a dual sales-and-service capacity, providing our customers with a scientifically qualified single point of contact. This simplifies customer communication and allows us to attain a superior depth of knowledge in your facilities operation.


Stephen Hallier, CWT

Chief Executive Officer

Phillip DiBartolo

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Wilhelms

Vice President of Sales

Eric Dammann

Area Manager

Dave Luczak

Operations Manager

Patrick Manning

Area Manager

Our Team

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the level of service and expertise they deserve from their water treatment provider.  We help our customers attain green and sustainability standards, perform their mission critical functions, and maintain their reputation for health and safety excellence. 

Each of our water treatment professionals holds a degree in the sciences. Collectively the team represents expertise in several scientific concentrations, most notably Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences and both Chemical and Mechanical Engineering. In addition to traditional degree accreditation, our team of water treatment professionals all hold one or more professional certifications. Our team includes CWT, ASSE 12080, and TRMA Safety Certified professionals. Read what some of our treatment professionals have to say about the application of their scientific discipline in the service of our customers.

Niki LaVine

Niki LaVine

Office Manager

When did you start at WET Solutions?
“In 2008, wow 15 years ago!”

What do you like most about working at WET Solutions?
“It’s a family environment here. I have always felt that way since day 1. Enjoying who you are working with is important to everyday happiness and growth within a company.”

What do you feel sets us apart as a company?
“We are not trying to make a sale just to make a sale. In the end we want customers who want to partner with us for a long-term relationship that supports their program and their customers.”

Elizabeth Travis

Elizabeth Travis

Account Manager
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, TRMA Safety Certified

What brought you to the water treatment industry?
“Growing up I always had an interest in the science and math departments which is why I pursued a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. Being in the water treatment industry, I can apply my educational background everyday whether that is in traditional service calls or troubleshooting situations which sets me up for success.”

How has being the single point of sales/service contact allowed you to better serve our customers?
“For me, being my clients’ single point of contact is about transparency. I believe partnerships start at the beginning where we can all be vulnerable, open, and honest. From there, the partnership builds and transforms into a successful working relationship. By establishing trust with constant communication amongst us, my customers have a peace of mind and know I am a phone call away if anything arises.”

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn, CWT

Account Manager
Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering CWT, ASSE 12080, TRMA Safety Certified

What brought you to the water treatment industry?
“I obtained by B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My background in chemical engineering has given me valuable knowledge of mass and energy transfer which directly correlates to success in our industry, especially when it comes to evaluating, understanding, and improving the efficiency of the facilities we partner with. I have consistently pushed myself to build on industry specific knowledge, obtaining my CWT after 3 and a half years in the industry, which provides our customers with a water treatment specialist who is knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical. I also obtained the ASSE 12080 certification for legionella water safety and management, allowing me to further my expertise in legionella risk management.”

How has being the single point of sales/service contact allowed you to better serve our customers?
“Being the single point of contact for our customers, from the start of the sales process, through routine service, gives our customers the peace of mind that their water treatment provider has a high level of knowledge of their system operations. Our customers trust that they can contact me any time of day, for any reason, and I will develop a solution in a timely manner to suit their individual needs.”