Water Management Plans

A Water Management Plan (WMP) establishes a detailed plan on how to effectively manage building water systems to minimize the growth and transmission of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. Developing and maintaining a WMP is a multi-step process that requires continuous review. An effective WMP will establish a team, water flow diagrams, identify areas of risk, implement control measures and how to monitor them, validate efficacy, establish an intervention plan when desired control limits are not met, and document and communicate all the activities.

Our tried-and-true process will provide you with a WMP that encourages the highest degree of water safety at your facility. Our team consists of water treatment consultants ASSE 12080 certified for Legionella Water Safety and Management. We collaborate closely with all appropriate facility personnel to provide the consultation and resources required to design and implement a thorough and tenable WMP compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2021 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems.

Water Management Plans

Comply with ANSI/ASHRAE 188

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