ProMoss™ Chemistry Based Water Treatment Without The Chemicals

Did you ever wonder why certain natural lakes such as those found in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have pristine, crystal-clear water? The presence of large tracts of sphagnum moss bogs in the lakes is a major contributing factor. Sphagnum moss is nature’s water treatment system. It has a long history for its ability to purify water, heal wounds and preserve food.

Made from sustainably grown and harvested sphagnum moss, ProMoss™ has replaced traditional scale and corrosion inhibitors as the preferred method to eliminate mineral scaling, improve water clarity, and reduce biocide usage. ProMoss is fast becoming the smart choice for facility managers and building owners that seek an environmentally responsible posture for their enterprise.


How does it work?

Sphagnum moss works much like a tea bag. The moss is placed inside one of two contact chamber applications, which allows it to interact and treat the water. Once treated, the water helps to reduce organic contamination, which is the primary catalyst for a host of common water quality issues.

Simultaneously, the sphagnum moss releases a buffer into the water, which helps to naturally stabilize pH and alkalinity. It also binds metals (e.g. calcium, magnesium, iron), which helps diminish scaling and fouling. Corrosion, disinfection by-products (DBP), and organic contamination are dramatically reduced.

The sphagnum moss used in our products is sustainably and responsibly harvested by hand, then processed, sterilized, and packaged. Most importantly, through proven, responsible management of our source environment, the moss can be re-harvested in 5-7 years.


ProMoss™ Benefits

ProMoss™ provides demonstrated efficacies that make it the present and future of intelligent, environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible water treatment.

Improves Water Quality
  • Removes Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & Other Materials
  • Stabilizes Alkalinity
  • Reduces Heavy Metal Ions
  • Absorbs 10 times its weight in oil
Reduces Environmental Footprint & Costs
  • Decreases Water Consumption
  • Increases the cycles of concentration in cooling towers
  • Achieves Energy Savings via More Efficient Heat Transfer
Protects Capital Investments
  • Asset Preservation by Inhibiting & Removing Scale

Maximizes Human Capital
  • Reduces Maintenance & Cleaning Requirements for Local Staff
ProMoss Customer Application

Customer Application

Open cage submersible contact chambers that require no structural modifications

To treat open sump systems the moss comes in a 50 gram “brick” inside a mesh bag. The bag is placed inside a cage and submerged in the cooling tower basin, secured by a rope for easy retrieval. This allows constant contact with the water and lets the sphagnum moss do what nature designed it to. The circulation of the system is all that is needed to treat the water.

ProMoss Customer Application

Customer Application

Side Stream (“Plumbed in”) Contact Chambers

The closed system contact chamber is installed in a side-stream, so that the water flow through the chamber can be controlled. The offline contact chambers are uniquely designed to create a tumbling action that creates maximal moss to water interface.

Greenest choice

Systems & Specifications

Systems Treated
  • Cooling Towers
  • Process Water Applications
  • Wastewater Applications​
  • Cooling Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Requires water flow across the ProMoss™
  • ProMoss™ is stable to 250° F
  • Changed monthly