Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler systems perform a simple task: heat water and/or create steam for use in production or HVAC. However, these systems and the mechanisms by which corrosion, scaling, and other issues can occur is varied and complex. WET Solutions, Inc. water treatment professionals provide the highest level of expertise in a wide range of boiler systems and equipment. From small HVAC hot water boilers to high-pressure steam generators, we offer a full line of boiler chemical treatment programs and control equipment designed to increase system efficiency, decrease downtime and maintenance costs, and extend equipment lifetime.

The core purpose of our program, much like cooling water treatment, is to preserve the integrity of heat transfer surfaces by preventing scale and corrosion; and oxygen pitting for steam boilers. We do more than just provide boiler treatment chemicals – we offer an unmatched level of monitoring and support for pretreatment and efficiency-boosting equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, deaerators, economizers, condensate tanks, and more.

That’s why you can trust a WET Solutions, Inc. water treatment consultant to get a deep understanding of every system and its components, so that we can implement an effective chemical treatment program that impacts your bottom line. Using our proven process, we are able to decrease energy, water, and chemical usage to lower your costs and environmental impact while protecting your valuable assets.

Boiler Water Treatment
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