Environmental goals

Achieve Environmental Goals with Customized Water Treatment Programs

Achieving sustainability

Achieving Sustainability and Safety Excellence

Sustainability has become an essential key performance indicator for S&P 500 companies. Both the public and private sector are incorporating nature-based solutions (NBS) to protect capital investments while furthering their social, environmental, and business goals. For companies and facilities of any size looking for an environmentally friendly, chemical free, sustainable water treatment option that’s eligible for LEEDS and BOMA credits, we have the answer. WET Solutions, Inc. is proud to champion ProMoss™ as a chemical-free and environmentally friendly cooling water treatment solution.

Greenest choice

The greenest choice in water management

ProMoss™ is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free water treatment solution. Its ability to decrease water use, improve water quality, clarity and stability, and inhibit and remove scale makes ProMoss the smartest water treatment choice for facility managers and building owners.