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ProMoss™ Sustainable Water Treatment

The Future is Now - Industrial Water Treatment using ProMoss™

Moss – Nature’s Water Treatment System

Most people are unaware that sustainability has become an essential key performance indicator for S&P 500 companies. Both the public and private sector are incorporating nature-based solutions (NBS) recognizing natures potential to further their social, environmental and business goals. For companies and facilities of any size looking for an environmentally friendly, green, sustainable water treatment option that’s an alternative to chemicals, we have the answer.

We’ve learned firsthand over several years what ProMoss™ can do. A chemically free water treatment solution that is green, sustainable and environmentally friendly is fast becoming the smart choice for facility managers and building owners. ProMoss’s ability to decrease water use, improve water quality, clarity and stability and inhibit and remove scale has made it a winning option for water treatment. Add the fact that it improves efficiency of heat transfer resulting in energy savings, prolongs equipment life and reduces maintenance and cleaning make it the present and future of intelligent water treatment.


Did you ever wonder why certain natural lakes such as those found in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have pristine, crystal clear water? The presence of large tracts of Sphagnum Moss bogs in the lakes is a major contributing factor. Sphagnum Moss is nature’s water treatment system. It has a long history for its ability to purify water, heal wounds and preserve food.

Can This Work Out of The Wild?

First tested on a hard to keep clean home hot tub, it provided surprising results warranting further research and testing. ProMoss™ was born. As it was tested first on residential pools, then commercial pools and spas, and later commercial fountains and ponds, it was clear that yes indeed, the “moss” effect from the pristine lakes of Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan translated to man made water features. Given that the cooling towers found on most commercial and industrial facilities need the same amount of control but experience greater degrees of contamination, ProMoss made the leap to Cooling Towers.

Duplicating the Power of Nature In An Industrial Setting

The ProMoss™, a 50 gram “brick” inside a mesh bag, is placed inside a cage and submerged in the cooling tower basin, secured by a rope for easy retrieval. This allows constant contact with the water and lets the sphagnum moss do what nature designed it to do…
• Inhibits and removes scale
• Stabilizes alkalinity
• Removes Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & other metals
• Absorbs 10 times its weight in oil
• Removes & inhibits the formation of bacterial biofilms

Before Moss.PNG
After Moss.PNG

The before and after pictures are from a Chicago industrial facility that has been using ProMoss™ for several years. For facilities interested in going green, the effects of ProMoss™ allow for better heat transfer, greater water conservation, lower energy costs, asset preservation, and water treatment without chemicals.

For systems with an open sump (as shown in photo) the moss is placed in a cage and lowered into the sump. The circulation of the system is all that is needed to treat the water. Moss is changed on a monthly cycle. The old is replaced with the new. The cage is lifted out of the sump, and resubmerged after the change is made. 

Interested in the future of water treatment for your facility? Click here for more details:  ProMoss™ Brochure

Systems Treated

Delivery Systems

• Requires water flow across the ProMoss™
• ProMoss™ is stable to 250 F
• Submersible contact chambers that require no structural modifications
• Off-line contact chambers for closed systems or when submersible contact       chambers are not appropriate
•Changed monthly

• Cooling Towers
• Boiler Loops
• Hot and Cold Water Loops
• Process Water Applications
• Waste Water Applications

• Ponds

• Fountains

A Real World Application of ProMoss™ 

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